Men’s sexual health and how alcohol causes many problems for them.

alcohol can affect your sexual healthAlcohol is commonly linked with sex, because its chemical results on the body aids lower inhibitions, provides short-term feeling of euphoria and increases short-term pleasures sexually in some men. Such side effects of men have resulted in so many men taking alcohol to help them with sexual exploits and this is one of the bad ways that men’s sexual health is been damaged. The damage that alcohol brings can result to major health issues with the entire body and not your sexual health alone and that is not a good thing.

Know how alcohol can affect your sexual health

  • It will reduce your sexual performance. Alcohol is on its own a sedative and when taken into the body numbs the brain. When this is done, it leads to your inability to even achieve sexual arousal and have an erection achieved. Alcohol as well messes up with the mind and makes it scattered. This way, you feel very clumsy and divided all through the sexual act or process. All of this might result to the worst performance in bed for you as a man and that is a wrong thing.
  • Too much alcohol leads to infertility. Taking alcohol for a long time has its unique way of reducing sperm counts within the body and makes you less fertile. Scientists have proven that, in so many ways alcohol greatly affects the ability of a man to release sperms or semen required for a woman to conceive a child.
  • It has a way of reducing your libido. Too much alcohol intake leads to depressed stand of mine always for men and this is not good. Due to the wrong state of thoughts you are always in when you take alcohol, the desire to have sex is not even something to consider and this is what makes your sexual libido fall totally.
  • Abusing the intake of alcohol will shrink your genitals and that is the truth. Some men had very sizable penises. However, due to many years of alcohol intake, they have small ones. There are so many people who have stories to tell about this.
  • Your chances of STDs are increased since you mostly do not think of protecting yourself when you decide to have sex in the wrong state of mind with alcohol clouding you. Anyone can have sex with you and infect you without you knowing.